Weekly Article - 4/8/16

Golden Valley Christian Church



            As an old saying says, "time marches on," and how true that statement is!  We just turned another page in our calendar, to the month of April.  This is truly the month that we see God's hand at work in vegetation growth.  How representative this new life in nature is of the new life we live, in the reality of our Lord's resurrection.  We are still basking in the celebration of Easter and the promises it holds.


            Several members of our congregation attended the Missouri Christian Convention at Tan-Tar-A last Saturday.  The women's Bible study which has been cancelled the last two weeks, will resume next week, on Wednesday, April 13th.


            Bro. Tim's question to us was, "Does Christianity work?  If so, how does it work?"  Taking the Apostle Paul's message from Second Timothy 4:16-18, Bro. Tim pointed out that God's grace and strength give us the strength to face our own trials and hardships.  It also gives us hope of an eternal life.


            The Bible challenge question: Was the Apostle Paul ever baptized? (Acts 9:18)


            Golden Valley Christian Church meets at 611 South Third Street in Clinton.  Sunday Bible classes begin at 9:30 AM; morning worship is at 10:30.  Our minister is Tim Randall (office phone #660-890-0252), and our website is www.goldenvalleycc.org.  We are happy to invite you to attend our services, where you will always receive a warm welcome.


            Thought for the week:  "It is amazing what can be accomplished when no one wants the credit." -- Copied