Weekly Article - 3/9/22

Golden Valley Christian Church



If you had a choice between good health for your entire life, or winning a five-million-dollar lottery, which would you choose? The difference in choosing may depend upon your age. Thinking what you could do with all of that money, and the pleasures it could bring, would be mind-boggling if you were young and in good health. However, as you age, and the body begins to deteriorate, the choice may become a totally different matter. Money is a necessity in our society, necessary for purchasing the things that help us to exist. But when we lose our good health, we can lose the ability to live a happy life or work for a wage, and could force us to live in pain. Money can be a blessing, or it can be an affliction. Ecclesiastes 5:10 tells us, “He who loves money will not be satisfied . . .” Proverbs 23:5 warns us that money can be taken away from us at any given time. Choosing good health over money, should the choice be offered, would always be the wiser option.


On February 28th, Bill Vaughn, a faithful member of GVCC, went to be with the Lord. Last Sunday, following Bro Elmer’s message, Tim Randall shared a heartwarming memorial for Bill, before his ashes were returned to Minnesota with his niece and family, who were present for this final tribute. Bill was a good example for all of us, and he will be sadly missed.


Bro Elmer’s message, taken from Acts 4:1-22, 29, told of the amazing spread of the church after Jesus’ death. Although leaders were arrested and beaten and, eventually, believers were also arrested and even killed, the church spread, despite the pressure of the Jewish leaders. The Apostles continued to boldly preach the word wherever they went. The most important mainstay of this boldness and preaching was prayer. Prayer is vital in fulfilling this ability to share the message of Jesus. The Apostle Paul begged the believers to pray (2 Thess 3:1-2). This holds true today, as Christians boldly spread the message of Jesus.


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