Weekly Article - 2/5/16

Golden Valley Christian Church



            One month of the new year is gone.  Hopefully, all of your new year's resolutions are being kept.  Our song leader has been asking the congregation each Sunday to share blessings from the past week.  The blessings are varied, from small ones to large ones.  We need to keep in mind that God hears all prayers, even our "little" prayers.  He answers in one of three ways:  1) Yes, 2) No, 3) Wait.  Waiting is the most difficult, but as long as we believe, God will answer our prayers in His own time.  The renovation of the church building continues, and is going to make a remarkable difference.  The dry wall and painting are in the process.  Blessings come in all shapes and sizes; the Golden Valley Christian Church is indeed blessed!


            The Sunday morning message was from Ephesians 4:17-32.  These scriptures present a guide as to the way a Christian should live.  Bro. Tim summarized the message, telling us we shall be known by the way we speak, act, and care for our fellow man.  This is a good guide to live by.


            The Bible challenge question: Who was the last ruler of undivided Israel? (1 Kings 11:43) 


            Golden Valley Christian Church meets at 611 South Third Street in Clinton.  Sunday Bible classes begin at 9:30 AM; morning worship is at 10:30.  Our minister is Tim Randall (office phone #660-890-0252), and our website is www.goldenvalleycc.org.  We are happy to invite you to attend our services, where you will always receive a warm welcome.


            Thought for the week:  "Faith is the belief that God is present when all we hear is silence." -- Copied