Weekly Article - 12/22/21

Golden Valley Christian Church


            One of the most sacred of the holidays that Christians observe is rapidly approaching.  Beautiful lights, music, and movies are announcing it, for all to see and hear.  One written story, by Charles Dickens, is a must at this time of year.  In 1843, a tiny percentage of the population of England lived in a lavish, rich lifestyle.  The rest of the population worked long hours at low wages, barely making ends meet.  It was in this atmosphere that Dickens wrote “A Christmas Carol,” which was directly aimed at the rich, to make them more charitable.  Long before Dickens wrote this story, God was directing people to help others, and actually warning the wealthy (Deut 15:10-11).  Jesus reinforced that directive from God (Matt 25:40; 25:45).  As Christians, we are directed to help our fellow mankind at all times, not just at Christmas time.

            Health problems and sadness do not wane at Christmas time.  Please remember those on our prayer list, new ones to be added, and all who have been saddened.  Thankfully, we have some happy news, with the addition of a new grandchild for the Radtkes, and we extend prayers for good health.  Our Christmas Eve service will be held at 6:30 PM; please take time to worship with us, remembering what this season is about.  The GVCC family wishes all a joyous Christmas.

            Bro Elmer’s message was taken from Matt 1:18-25; 2:1-18.  This account of the birth of Jesus was from Joseph’s point of view.  Commenting on the nativity scene, with the manger, the shepherds, and the wisemen all together, Bro Elmer pointed out the fulfilled prophecies in the scene.  Isaiah 7:14 was the prophecy of a Savior; Micah 5:2 was the prophecy of the location of the birth; Hosea 11:1 was the prophecy of the flight of Joseph and Mary to Egypt; Jeremiah 31:15 was the prophecy of the weeping for children that Herod ordered to be killed.  The best part of that nativity scene is the promise of a Savior that will take us to Heaven.

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