Weekly Article - 12/1/21

Golden Valley Christian Church


            Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, including four-legged ones, or even a three-legged one!  Tater Tot was a three-legged, cancer-surviving, Pomeranian dog.  His owner, Tom Kissel, was standing on a dock when a boat passed by, creating a huge wave that threw Tom in the water.  Hitting his head on a docked boat, causing unconsciousness, Tom was floating face down in the water.  Tater Tot, also thrown in the water, kept swimming and splashing water around Tom, creating attention.  A nurse, Mary Jo Lender, saw this commotion with Tater Tot.  Her husband and others were able to pull Tom and Tater Tot out of the water. Tom had no heartbeat or pulse, so Mary Jo immediately began CPR.  Tom was taken to the hospital where, thankfully, he recovered.  Tom gives much credit to his little furry friend for saving his life.  The Bible tells us of many heroes and heroines.  Perhaps one of the most notable is Queen Esther, who saved the Jewish people, as recorded in the Old Testament book of Esther.

            This coming Sunday, December 5th, will be the young people’s Christmas program.  The youth have worked hard on this program, so let’s all attend to show our support and appreciation.  The weekly Bible study has been postponed until sometime in January.  The GV Charity Crafters continue to meet on Tuesdays at 10:00 AM.

            Bro Elmer continued the message of James, from Chapter 5, verses 7-12.  James was telling the people how to live in the last days.  The next big event on God’s agenda is to send Jesus back to earth, and only God knows this timeline.  Times will be normal, and James tells us to be patient, even in times of suffering.  James makes an analogy between our patience and a farmer, because a farmer must have patience between planting and harvesting, relying on rain and weather to cooperate for a good harvest.  James also points out that if we grumble against each other, we will be judged.  We must not lose our faith in trying times, but continue to remain faithful.

            Golden Valley Christian Church meets at 611 South Third Street in Clinton.  Sunday School classes begin at 9:30 AM, and the morning worship service is at 10:30.  Our interim minister is Elmer Fuller, and our website is www.goldenvalleycc.org, where you will also find links to access our Facebook page and YouTube sermons.  We are happy to invite you to attend our services, where you will always receive a warm welcome.