Weekly Article - 11/13/15

Golden Valley Christian Church



Do we tend to judge people on their appearances? A few years ago, a television show put this to the test and found it to be true. The better-looking people received higher marks than the more common-looking people did. This is borne out in the scriptures as well. For example, when God told Samuel to anoint the one who would become king upon Saul's death, he saw Eliab, oldest son of Jesse. Samuel was very impressed with Eliab's looks, but God vetoed this choice and told Samuel not to choose on looks alone. Good advice!


Recently, several of our GVCC family took advantage of the warm weather and enjoyed a Katy Trail bicycle ride. The ladies Wednesday night Bible study continues, but the Men's Bible study is cancelled until after the holidays.


Last Sunday morning, Chris Tucker shared a thoughtful communion meditation, and Mary Tuggle read an article honoring our veterans. Bro. Tim's message was entitled "Peter's Example," with scripture from Galatians 2:11-14.


The Bible challenge question: What did Jesus say was essential to true worship? (John 4:23)


Golden Valley Christian Church meets at 611 South Third Street in Clinton. Sunday Bible classes begin at 9:30 AM; morning worship is at 10:30. Our minister is Tim Randall (office phone #660-890-0252), and our website is www.goldenvalleycc.org. We are happy to invite you to attend our services, where you will always receive a warm welcome.


Thought for the week: "Words should be cultivated like a garden; pull out the weeds." -- Copied